how I started loving to live in a big city

I want to share with you my feelings of how I just started loving to live in a big city.

good / bad

During the day you will inevitably have moments which you won’t like, but the goal is to maximize to have a time when you feel good, it can be 60/40 or even 80/20 so now when I think about times when I lose hope or just it’s hard, uncomfortable, these moments, people or situations became not such a big thing, why? because I know for sure that there will be a many times when I’ll feel great, because of inconsistency and unpredictability of life and because enjoyment make come from little things like a blue sky, nature, smile and there is always something throughout the day what makes it good, a little sunshines.


I never was around so many things and I think I had a lot of anxiety in the city and still it may come, because of so many people running around, of different activities, it feels very hectic etc

How I starting loving it?

I think, first, I started having my own hobbies, my stuff. I want to paint and to lead this blog, I love studying. Love to my interests help me to just get out of the stress and when I’ll finish writting to my cute blog, I’ll go to park, big park in the city and It won’t be stressful anymore, because I did something I want to work out today and the city became a balanced thing to my projects. Pick something, go to gym, create a small business or start a blog, learn skill, read more and city won’t be so stressful because it’s not your main concern anymore, it’s the way to take air and spend a good time.

I also think that self-care is important. Always. We have work, school, family. It’s important to take time for yourself, to meditate and do something what calms you down, what may give you piece. For me it’s meditation for just 10 minutes a day. It may just give you stable sense of piece, security, serenity.

xoxo, diane

how you can improve your winter wardrobe, inspiration

Recently I was wearing so good outfit. Colors and fabrics were so right and I putted all my favorite accesoires together, so It literally made my day and I felt myself extremely confident, like I was very happy with who I am because it felt very much like me, naturally.

After this day I really started rethinking the way I approach my clothes, I buy things when I see them on internet or on other beautiful girls on Instagram but now I think that the only way I need to approach any purchase or any stylistic decision should be based on my “stable” feelings of being confident and feeling like “yes, it’s me”.

So today I want to share some amazing winter styled outfits and if you will feel that yes it’s you, don’t hesitate to add to your list.

warning: be warm. first purchase some thermal underwear and warm tights , take care of your health.

xoxo, diane